C-CAB uses a systematic, evidence-based and result-oriented strategic process to promote positive and measurable individual behavior and social change that is key to achieving the objectives of development programs, policy advocacy and humanitarian work. Our interventions aim to empower communities by fostering the free flow of ideas, access to information and knowledge and the ability to make their voices heard.

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 16, we use the power of media and communication to help solve the poverty puzzle and support people in understanding their rights. We raise awareness about human rights, and a rights-based approach is central to all we do.

We work to uphold freedom of expression and help build the capacity of the news media, firmly believing that a vibrant, independent and plural media sector supports good governance, transparency, better functioning of the markets and contributes to sustainable and equitable development. Our Media and Information Literacy efforts fight misinformation and ‘fake news’ and help young Bangladeshis to become critical and discerning consumers of news.

Human-centered design is key to our work. We empathize with the communities where we work, immerse ourselves in them and listen and learn rather than jump in with a one-size-fits-all approach.

We collaborate with a range of actors from various sectors, including the private sector, civil society and academia, forge linkages and try to leverage local strengths and opportunities.

We place a premium on measuring our progress and impact. We build a network of stakeholders and choose sustainable interventions that will endure long after our projects end.

Across all our programs, we promote gender equality and the self-expression and participation of women, youth and members of marginalized communities, strengthening pluralism and public debate.