We come from all walks of life, bringing a wide range of technical, practical and analytic skills to our daily work, whether working in our headquarters or in one of our far-flung locations around the country.

Our team has nearly two decades of experience and specialist expertise in media development, social and behavior change communication and community engagement work, with a proven track record of project management and productive collaboration with international and national organizations. The team has specialists in every position, including Finance and Accounting, HR, Admin and Operations, Community Engagement, Content Production, Data Analysis and Program Management. Most members of the project team have the experience of working in the field in marginalized and hard-to-reach areas.

Executive Director and Founder

Zain Mahmood

Syed Zain Al-Mahmood is a media professional with an unshakeable belief in the power of information and communication to drive social change. Zain has spent nearly a decade with international and national development organizations where he led multi-disciplinary teams, working to ensure access to trusted, quality information that empowers communities. Prior to that, as an award-winning journalist, he covered socio-economic development issues in Bangladesh and other South Asian nations for The Wall Street Journal and the Guardian. His interests range across the fields of sustainable development, gender norms and globalization with a focus on societies in transition and conflict.

Senior Technical Adviser

Per Liljas

Per Liljas is an award-winning journalist and multimedia producer with vast international experience reporting on human rights, environmental issues and politics in Swedish and English. He has covered development work across five continents and held a position as a Multimedia Producer for the global NGO World Vision. He works with the public Swedish radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio and his content has featured in Time magazine, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, the Washington Post and The Guardian.
Senior Advisor and Trainer, Broadcast Journalism

Peter Brinkman

Peter Brinkman is a certified trainer with years of experience in training journalists and communication officers in various countries. He is a specialist in making content videos and training journalists and communication staff.
Mobile Journalism Expert

Harmke Oudenampsen

Harmke Oudenampsen is an international trainer in mobile journalism and video storytelling. She has 20 years of experience as a TV journalist and filmmaker.
Head of Programs and Co-founder

Luthien Tinuviel

Creative Communications Expert

Aqifur Rahman Munna

Aqifur Rahman Munna specializes in creative design, branding, campaigns, visual and art direction, reality TV and program planning.
Operations Manager

Maksudul Alam Chowdhury

Maksudul Alam chowdhury has experience of managing both accounts and operations in local and international organizations. He has the experience of managing some of the biggest events of Bangladesh in the cultural and sporting arenas.
Senior Advisor and Journalism Trainer

Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt has 30 years of global experience running training workshops and overseeing projects for a wide range of organizations including the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), Transparency International (TI), European Union (EU), the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Labor Organisation (ILO), and the International Press Institute (IPI).
Program Officer

Nahian Ahmed Shah

Nahian Ahmed Shah is a tech enthusiast and project lifecycle strategist with a keen interest in community development and sustainability. A data interpreter and communicator, Nahian is adept at identifying new social problems, assessing intervention opportunities, and implementing data-driven programs.
Web Developer

Kazi Ashikuzzaman

Kazi Ashikuzzaman specializes in web design & development, app developement.
Senior Editor and Content Creator

Ibrahim bin Harun

Ibrahim bin Harun is a specialist in advanced editing, feature writing and content writing for print, TV and radio. He is an Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism at a public university. Prior to this, he was Senior Newsroom Editor at several national news organizations.
Audiovisual Director

Riad Ahsan Rony

Rony has extensive experience creating TVCs, drama, corporate documentaries and awareness building documentaries.
Senior Software Engineer

Ashif Mohammad Iqbal

Ashif focuses on using technology for communications, including app development for e-learning and data collection.
Documentary Photographer & Cinematographer

Sanwar Hossain Sanny

Sanwar Hossain is a versatile documentary photographer and cinematographer with a keen creative edge and a commitment to telling complex stories through visual medium.