Environmental Protection

Our work on sustainable environmental policies and practices isn’t only about protecting the environment — it also focuses on healthier populations, diversified livelihoods, and creating new economic opportunities. We work with a broad range of stakeholders to develop the climate resilience of rural communities, focusing on giving people at the frontline of climate change the information and tools needed to mitigate
the impacts of a warming planet.

We work on building adaptive capacity, livelihood diversification and sustainable agricultural and energy consumption practices along the Bay of Bengal and in the riverine islands (Chars) of Bangladesh.

We train journalists and media organizations to help improve coverage of climate issues and increase awareness of the realities of climate change.

We emphasize integration of environmental and natural resource management with economic growth and social development.

We have extensive experience of implementing the following activities:

Design and manage awareness campaigns to publicize sustainable livelihoods opportunities for women, youth, and other disadvantaged groups while protecting ecosystems.

Engage men and male youth and train them in non-adversarial conflict transformation skills as well as to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence.

Provide leadership training to women, youth and marginalized groups to prepare them to advocate for environmental conservation.

Develop an effective behavior change communication strategy on ecosystem conservation to improve local awareness and reduce risks of ecosystem degradation.